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Day 3 & 4 Jungle Fever

Sunrise At Jungle Beach

I wake up at 6am to the sound of the hotel’s resident Peacock… I had no idea just how loud these plumed feathered males could be. After a quick dip in my boudoir’s plunge pool I am able to take a real look at The Elephant Corridor property, I have to tell you I was somewhat disappointed, set on 85 acres with the Elephant path literally at their front door,  this 15 Suite property has SO much potential but for some reason has been left and abandoned and is slowly falling apart. It’s all in the details, chipping paint work, crumbling & uncomfortable furniture, overgrown garden and mediocre food,. The staff however go over and above for each and every guest. With a lot of Love & some pesos I believe this hotel could be one of the best in the region, I do hope that the current hospitality & construction company that purchased it over 6 years ago see the value and do what needs to be done.

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My morning wake up call

The Circular Main pool



Entrance and main Lobby

Back on the bus we go to visit the most ancient city of Sri Lanka and home of the Sacred Bo Tree,  Anuradhapura. Situated almost at the centre of the Island’s  northern plains, this city rose to prominence and remained that way for over a thousand years until it was laid to waste by Indian invaders in 993. It was rediscoverd by the British (naturally, once again we save the day) in the nineteenth century and remains a magical place to this day.  The sheer scale of this ruined city and the thousand plus years buried is overwhelming and takes at least 3 days to get just sample a teeny tiny taste of what it once was…. we only had 20 minutes! 🙂

CUE VIDEO OF THE SACRED BO TREE  (Click here)  – Ficus Religeousa


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The Sacred Bo Tree – over 2000 years old!

We are off for a spot of lunch at Ulagalla Resort , set on 58 acres this eco-friendly 20 Villa property is about 20 minutes from Anuradhapura and about 1hr30 from Dambulla so a great location for all those cultruleeeeee-minded who want to engulf themselves in all things BC to AD. The villas are very private and span across the property so be prepared for long hikes or short bike rides to get back & forth. Most come with private plunge pool so you could just hole yourself up and never emerge , but their restaurant & pool are really worth a peak. A quiet retreat filled with wildlife and very family friendly, complete with undergound wine cellar (which was the first thing I noticed of course!) . I immediately bonded with Samanrathe AKA “Uncle”, he has the kindest face and an old soul, he also man’s the one and the only golf cart and has been with the hotel since it was in its design process over 8 years ago, he helped build it and lives on property as well.

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Ulagalla Resort Entrance


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The main AMAZING pool


The hidden discovery


No caption needed


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Villa Bedroom


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Private Plunge Pool



Me and my new Uncle


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Back on the Bus and we are off to Trincomalee on the East coast (about a 4hr drive) This part of Sri Lanka has only started opening up to tourists since the end of the civil war (about 4 or 5 years) and because of this the beaches are pristine and practically untouched as there are only a few hotels. AWESOME!!! our home for the next 2 nights is the Jungle Beach Resort.. I am HOME!  This property is absolutely gorgeous, a true Robinson/Crusoe hideaway. 48 villas (Lagoon, Jungle & Beach) MILES & MILES of white sandy beach offering Deeeeeelicious culinary delights, Whale watching, snorkeling on Pigeon Island, surfing, fishing, spa-ing! .. I mean I could go on and on and on but I will just show you what I mean instead!


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Just me, My compadre Cags… and THIS!


Jungle Oasis


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The Tree House Main Entrance

My Compadre Cags decided to treat herself to a relaxing massage… hehehe! Little did she know that half way through a visitor by the name of Khan  Le Snake (yes that’s right straight from the Jungle Book) decided to pay her a little visit… Yup! we are definitely in the Jungle, I mean Beach.. I mean Jungle on a Beach!

This property is just simply divine – Super family friendly too. I HIGHLY recommend it. its the perfect destination after all the moving around and sight seeing.  You can also fly straight back to Colombo from here if you don’t fancy the LONG HAUL drive back.

And so for the next 32 hours we did a lot of this….

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And this…


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And more of this…

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And a lot of this…


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and of course THIS…


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The Jazzi Special –  Vodka straight up, vigorously shaken, in a martini glass with slice of cucumber, fresh mint & a Twist



Breakfast, my FAVORITE meal of the day was the BEST EVER! they clearly knew I was I DA HOUSE

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all complete with my little pot of yumminess!

Next up – Polonnaruwa – Home of the 3 Kings; Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman and Denzel Washington…:)


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