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From New York to Sri Lanka… follow me!

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Well hello again my lovelies…  I am thrilled to be sharing my new  adventure with you all. I must confess that I am already on DAY 3 – so a lot to catch up on! So, as Julie Andrews always says… LET”S START AT THE VERY BEGINNING…  This time we are off to SRI LANKA & THE MALDIVES!!  2 of my dream destinations.

So LET’S GO!!!!

It all began last saturday at some ungodly hour…I woke up at 330am after only 2hrs of sleep! (yes it was worth it)  I arrived at JFK at 5am thinking my flight was at 820am only to be told that, that was the check in time and that my actual departure time was 1120am! GRRRRREAT way to start the trip! Sheeeeeesh!! So I did what any NORMAL, wife, mother, lover, Travel Expert  would do… and went straight back home for an extra last minute snuggle with my better half & Son… $100 later I was back at JFK and ready to embark on my dream trip – I had a 12 hour flight to Dubai, 3 hour layover and then 5 hours to Colombo…. I had it all planned out – I had my little bottle of magic travel sleeping aids, eye mask, ear plugs …  I would sleep for at LEAST 8  to 10 hours on the first leg and then be super productive on the last leg .. Pffffffffft! yeah… SURE you will Jazz… I basically stayed awake for the full 12 hours… doing GOD KNOWS WHAT and WATCHING GOD KNOWS WHO on the tiny screen in front of me…  Arrived in Dubai, which was more like a giant shopping mall and realized that I had needed EVERYTHING I laid my eyes on… made it to my 2nd flight and was just waaaaaaay too excited to sleep or basically I had passed the sleep of no return…. TYPICAL!! one day I WILL LISTEN to my better half but NOT today!


The Jedi Look!

At last I had arrived… running on fumes of course but nonetheless, excited and perfectly capable of putting one foot in front of the other … 🙂

My schedule for the next fortnight…

Colombo / Dambulla / Sigiriya / Habarana /Anuradhapura / Trincomalee / Polonnaruwa / Kandy / Nawara Eliya / Hatton / Yala / Tangalle / Galle… MALDIVES 

I was met by the wonderful Biju from TWX (Trans World Experiences) our preferred partners for all things, India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan and our trusted driver & guide for the next 14 days…Daya (pronounced.. Die-ya). first stop The Walawwa  a 200 year old colonial manor  now hotel  that once housed Earl Mountbatten back when the British RULED THE WORLD… This 17 Suite property set in 2 acres of lush gardens is about 20 minutes from the airport and the perfect spot for those tired & weary travelers who REFUSE to sleep on ANY long haul flights… here I met my gorgeous & delightful travel work compadre Alexandra Cagney – AKA “Cags” … first thing in order was a Cocktail and of course Dinner!


Crab with your curry?



My haven for the night



The biggest bath I have EVER seen! trust me!



No caption needed

I don’t remember the last time I had been up for 24hrs.. (actually that’s not entirely true) but you know what I mean 😉 …  I wasn’t sure what day it was or what time zone I was in but I didn’t care. I was just happy to be safe, sound & supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…

2 Responses to “From New York to Sri Lanka… follow me!”

  1. Seth

    Sounds like a fabulous adventure done in true Mrs Robinson style. Safe travels.


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