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DAY TWO – Koh Samui Mui Mui Bonito


Khun lovelies…

It’s 4am and I am WIDE awake… how can that be? Aaaaaaaaaah yes yes of course… I am EXCITED!! Because today I am off to the islands at last… but for crying out loud that’s not for another 5 hours!! No matter how hard I tried my brain refused to switch off…nope NO SLEEP FOR YOU!! Back to the Airport I go.

photo 2[2]


The Sun is out, it’s a beautiful day in Koh Samui, so much for “Thunder storms and lightning very very frightening… NOT!” I packed so much sunshine with me that I over-ruled every weather website known to man…

Upon arrival at Koh Samui airport I felt like I had arrived at a mini, well manicured , not so crowded version of Disney World, these sweet little open aired buses were waiting take passengers from the plane to the airport terminal, it was all so well orchestrated, beautiful Thai stewardess’ were standing about 10 feet apart from each other guiding us the correct exits, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Khun Kit was waiting for me with a big sign that said JASMINE with this AMAZING pimped out Mini van, he seemed quite upset when I asked if I could just sit in front with him and not sprawl across the cream leather seats fit for a Queen… OH well!

First stop The Scent Hotel, a little jewel of a hotel about 10 minutes from the airport and a Relais & Chateaux to boot, this sweet little boutique hotel is off the main road has 14 rooms, inspired with European, Chinese and Thai flare, on the beach, scented oil burners fill the air with aromas of Lemongrass, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sweet Basil and frangipani (my favorite). I was starving as usual to had a spot of lunch before moving on to my next property,

photo 1[1]

The Scent Hotel

Zee hotel Beach

photo 3[1]

Zee hotel Pool on zee Beach

photo 4[1]

Zee Beach Again…

photo 5[1]

One of my favorites flowers – Zee Frangipani

photo 1

Seafood Salad, peanuts, kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass, Chili and lime dressing

photo 2

Scent Secret Rolls – Shrimps, veggies, Crab with plum Sauce and raddish & fish Sauce – YUM!!

photo 3

zee long boat


Zee me selfie xxx

The Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa where I was met by the beeeeeautiful Khun Gift. Recently furbished, 106 rooms, 3 restaurants flanked by this enormous lily pond that pretty much takes over the entire length of the hotel grounds. Definitely geared towards families and for those who prefer a more modern touch but still has a Thai/Balinese feel to it… every room has its very own Japanese fighting fish.. which I thought was… well…different?!?!?.

photo 4

Lily pond entrance…

photo 5

A Lot of Monkeying around

photo 3[3]

Beach Pool Villa


SMART!! used to be the Jacuzzi in the pool beach villa and they turned into a lounge area!! what a cool idea!!

photo 4[3]

Zen Garden

ONWARD… next stop The Library… as you know (or are about to know) I am ALL about the STORY and this hotel has a pretty good one. The owner is a local named Kasemthan Sornsong, a 35 year old land owner, born and bred in Samui and lives on site… in fact his family owns pretty much all of Chaweng, which is the main town in Samui, with the nicest beach… Once upon about 15 years ago this stretch of beach and town was a dirt road with one 7eleven.. and boy have times changed, little did the Sornsong family know that it would become the Pot of Gold at the end of their rainbow and every store and restaurant is pretty much bought on their land. The hotel has 26 rooms, or rather pages instead of room numbers. The rooms are minimal but loaded with the latest Apple technology and have color mood lighting, they are famous for their red pool. You can tell this hotel is a labor of LOVE. They are also about to undergo a new addition with 12 pool villas The GM, Frances is the most wonderful man originally from the Philippines , he invited me to their newly built bar The Drinks Gallery, their menu, a legion of elixirs … YES I had a few (too many) well.. I mean come on… I have to sample these things… ITS MY JOB! We bonded for about 2hrs and then suddenly I felt this wave of jet lag come over me, my eyes felt heavy and I was literally prying them open … if you recall I had only slept 4 hrs and my time clock was off by about 12 hours…  I am a SPAAAAARTAN! Soldier on! the good news is that in my state of delirium I did find out about all the hidden local must go to’s that are away from all the tourist traps… so if you ever find yourself going to Samui – hit me up and I will tell what and where they are…:)

photo 1[1]

The Entrance

photo 2[1]

Not the same guy at the entrance :))

photo 3[1]

The Studio Pages

photo 4[1]

The Famous Red Pool

Next stop the Akaryn, a 52 pool villa property (2yrs old) with a private beach. Each villa comes with a fully loaded Ipod and silk Thai Pyjamas (nice little touch) & Yoga matt for their complimentary yoga class at 830am 3 times a week and of course the oh so familiar oil burners with Jasmine, (HA!) Peppermint, Frangipani or Lemongrass. Their restaurant The Edge is flanked by their swimming pool that is split into 3 sections with a bar in the middle. Really cool, young vibe…

photo 2

Love a nice bamboo entrance

photo 3

The Cool Pool

photo 4

The Edge

photo 5

Private Beach (quite rare in Thailand by the way!!_

My final resting point for the night – The Six Senses Samui… the name says it all really… a beautiful property set on the peninsula of the island sunset one side, sunrise the other. Khun Poi greeted me in the usual beautiful friendly Thai manner, yet another lemongrass infused cold wet towel and this time a cold Honey water beverage, so delicious I asked for 2! All of my Six Senses by this point have been exhausted, in fact so much so I discovered NEW ONES!! It was dark by the time I arrived but I knew that as soon as it was sunrise I was not going to be disappointed… I crawled into bed and had my first night sleep with the sound of the Ocean and WAIT… what was that.. OH COME ON!!! yup!! Thunderstorms & Lightning very ver…. ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz 




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