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DAY ONE…All Thai’d Up

Here we Go! Here we Go! here We Go!

Khun  to all you lovelies… (Khun is a polite and very common word meaning “YOU yes YOU!! “

I am off on yet another grand adventure to the far off distant lands in the Kingdom of Thailand  (my first time!!!) YIPPPEEEE! I have to confess I was a *tad* nervous this morning knowing that I was about to embark on a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong followed by a 4 hour lay over and then onto Bangkok, ESPECIALLY when on my way to the airport I heard on the radio about the  Solar Storm heading to Earth and could cause some fluctuations in Earth’s power grid and slight disturbances in satellites and radio transmissions  and that I could be engulfed by the Aurora Borealis … BUT  my fears soon evaporated as I boarded  Cathay Pacific  boeing 777 and to my joy had 3 seats all to myself, so I popped an ambien, eye shades on  and slept for 10 hours!.. Ok, OK, OK well thats a lie – I watched 3  movies (Godzilla and the Million Dollar arm and CHEF!!! LOVED THEM ALL)  and THEN slept for 7 hours !! PHEW! no solar flares, no anomalies and no Black Holes… No Alien Abductions! 

The flight was GRRRRREAT!!! Hong Kong Airport is ENNNNNOOOOOOOORMOUS and buzzing…(the last time I was here was back  in 2000 coming back from Bali but thats a WHOLE other story). Talk about being lost in translation…  GATES 1 to 508!!!! I kid you not!  508 Gates??? come on!!!

I went to the  Priority Pass Lounge  at gate 41, which was a 30 minute walk from Gate 1 and stuffed my face..  with Pad Thai Noodles, chicken curry, sticky rice,  Fish soup, wantons, things I can’t even describe except as “YUMMMY!” – I then got lost in Duty Free and finally made my way to my next flight knowing I was about to fall into a food coma…  Gate 68, yet another 30 minute walk!


Finally I have arriven!!! arroved!!! arrived!! 830pm… My first night is at the hotel MA DU ZI   Sexy, warm, inviting hotel. YES!! I think I’m going to like it here (for the next 12hrs).. as much as I wanted to venture into the depths of this vibrant city on my first night and become the female version of Anthony Bourdain “PARTS UNKNOWN” .. I remembered the Laws of THE BURNER that I am – (that’s Burningman for all those who have no idea what that means) 2 words – PACE YOURSELF!!! So I settled for a RIDONCULOUS dinner in-house by Chef Yuya  – A French/Thai Fusion  .. AHEM!!

Half Cooked Norwegian Salmon served with Avocado & Banana Puree & Cream Cheese Quenelle and of course a Chili or 2 , followed by (or at the same time) Magnolia Leaf Wrapped Hokkaido Scallop & KingCrab with “Kani-miso” & Goji Berry!

Not forgetting my YEE OL’ FAITHFUL Vodka Martini (no Vermouth), Vigorously shaken, with a twist .. 1 & 2..

I know! I know! I know! you want pix but my lap top is at 6% and My camera is upstairs and my Iphone just died… so USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

I am off to take a long soak in my overflowing jacuzzi bath tub … and fall into deep slumber in my SUPER OVERSIZED biggest King size Bed  EVERRRRRRRRRR!!

Breathing it all in and Loving it all out!…  rah dtree sawat to you all xxx  (G’night!)


3 Responses to “DAY ONE…All Thai’d Up”

  1. Rachelle camhi

    YUMMY always deliciously funny reading your blogs on all your adventures. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE!! XO

  2. Jason E.

    Ma Du Zi is such a great hotel. Biggest bed we have EVER seen, anywhere (you can literally sleep 4 people on it comfortably). And customer service is impeccable. I’ll never forget staying there on our honeymoon for one night, I asked “what time is checkout?” – to which the answer was “What time would you like checkout to be, sir?” – They are awesome. But then, Mrs Robinson, you organised our honeymoon so how could it not be awesome?


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