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La Colla de La Ballena… View from Prop Plane… PRETTY DAMN COOL if you ask me!! 

Maes, Ticos Y Ticas

DAY 10…

Today is my last day of my amazing journey… I have a mixed bag of feelings, excited to see my family but also sad to be leaving my new found friends and this extraordinary country… The trip has been the most gratifying experience both spiritually, physically and mentally. It’s hard to describe… but I really enjoyed hanging out with *ME*…  I haven’t done that in a loooooooooong time and it feels FANTASTIC!!! I am looking forward to the path ahead and the unknown adventures that life has in store… but moreover I am looking forward to sharing them with YOU!!!

Ok so back to my last day… We set off to The Javilla Airport (yeah riiiiiiiiiight!) to catch a domestic flight to San Jose. Well, turns out Javilla is literally a FIELD in the middle of nowhere and our gate was a large tree filled with Howling Monkeys. I was handed my boarding pass (in a field) and was then asked to stand on a scale – what am I baggage???? (I know what you’re thinking – very funny) well I was delighted to see that I had only put on 3lbs!!!!! Finally I can hear a plane in the distance and this 2 engine prop plane promptly lands in the field and off we go… Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome aboard Nature Air.. our flying time will be 45 minutes and we will making 2 stops along the way, there will be no in-flight entertainment  drinks or snacks, we have no life jackets but don’t worry, we won’t be making any emergency landings… by the way does anyone know how to fly a plane??? EEEEEEeeeeeeek!! its a good job I am a *FIGHTER PILOT* and I have a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Degrees in Air Traffic control and Aviation Technology Management!



IMG_1135 IMG_1134

IMG_1149 IMG_1150 IMG_1148 IMG_1147 IMG_1146 IMG_1145 IMG_1137 IMG_1136

IMG_1165 IMG_1160 IMG_1166 IMG_1161 IMG_1159 IMG_1155 IMG_1154 IMG_1167 IMG_1172 IMG_1171 IMG_1169


Before we arrive at our final destination, we have a very important stop to make.


I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of the kids (sigh) but I did get this one!

People who are fortunate enough to travel to other counties often wish they could make meaningful contributions to help meet the needs of the places they visit. These contributions are a way of expressing appreciation for the experience and hospitality they have received. Costa Rican trails participate in a worldwide charitable organization called PACK FOR A PURPOSE… one of these projects is a kindergarten for 60 under 7 year old children. Each of us was asked to bring  5lbs of schools supplies for these beautiful little children… I of course, over did it as I usually do… I can’t tell you just how gratifying it was to see their little faces light up when they were shown all the delights we had brought from Tooth brushes to Arts & Crafts materials… It really puts things into perspective, I for one will ensure that every trip I book for my clients will incorporate some kind of *Pay it Forward* moment – it’s moments like this that remain with you always… plus it’s GOOD KARMA!


Our last night is at Hotel Grano De Oro. This lovely property is over 100 years old, very traditional architecture and has over 40 rooms and has an old school feel about it. I imagined what it must have been like back in the day, full of decadent luxury.

IMG_1207 IMG_1205 IMG_1203 IMG_1202 IMG_1201

My 3 compadres and I do some last minute retail therapy at this lovely indoor artisan market and then we get ready for our farewell dinner at our “Fearless Leader’s and his partner’s “ Beautiful home. It was like a reunion; Terri and Glen from Finca Rosa were there, as well as the very lovely Beba from Poas Lodge. It was so lovely to see everyone again. After a delicious dinner it was time for a little sing-a-long! I know I just can’t help myself… as I belted out “Volver Volver” followed by Oli who also happens to be an Opera singer… and then Lovely Karen sprung into her Flamenco dance! It was a wonderful ending to a perfect evening.




Wilhelm and Maurizio 



Thank you to all the wonderful people who made this unforgettable trip happen… you are forever etched in the corners of my mind.  Edward, Henry, Rodolfo, Adriana, Hernan, Astrid and Wilhelm and Maurizio! And of course my very own Mr & Mrs Smith managers who picked me for the job! I THANK YOU!!!!

To my 3 Compadres, Oli, Karen & Rob,  I hope our paths cross again VERY soon, I would travel with you ANYWHERE  – until then see you on Facebook!!

As My Costa Rican Trails come to a close as well as this portion of my blog, I have a few things left to say. Costa Rica is indeed a Rich Coast, a peaceful country with no Army, a country filled with people who clearly love this beautiful land, nurture it & protect it. Everywhere takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours to get to. If they don’t have the answers to any of your questions they WILL find it, everything tastes like Chicken and the two words that sum it all up so eloquently… PURA VIDA!!!!

Next stop… TULUM, Mexico!

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