Laugh About it, Shout About it.

The wheels on the bus go round & round… DAY NINE!!!!

IMG_0991To the lush Beaches of Santa Teresa where our journey is almost at an end… ALMOST.,.. but not quite… 🙂

Day 9…

Maes, Ticos y Ticas…

It’s another RAINY morning… but by this time I have become ONE with the rain (although I am a tad nervous about the boat ride back to Sierpe and the crossing of the Delta!!! Nervous… HELL NO! what am I thinking??? I have now become WONDER WOMAN in so many ways… I am NO LONGER afraid of any creepy-crawlies… and I NO LONGER have a sleep disorder… I have crossed rivers and Oceans, climbed mountains and hiked through forests, faced every animal you can imagine and danced with an indigenous leader… HELLO!!!

I forgot to mention that on day 7 we were joined by Adrianna, head of Sales at Costa Rican Trails, a beautiful Colombiana and mother of 5 children!!!!! Yes you heard me 5 little ones!!! She is a wonderful addition to our Motley Crew!!

We arrive in Sierpe and are met by *HENRY* the 2nd best driver in Costa Rica, so wonderful to see him and he is equally happy to see us, we load our Handy-Dandy bus, say our goodbyes to Yacob and Oscar (told you he was a little short!!) and offffffffffffffffffffff we go!


We are on our way to Playa Hermosa to cross the Nicoya Gulf to Montezuma in Santa Teresa.  Now a road trip would not be complete without some kind of hic-cup… about 30 minutes into our drive our handy-dandy van starts the splutter and the engine overheats and before we know it we come to a complete stop… in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE… and she ain’t moving. There’s oil all over the back of the bus from the muffler  … caused by a failure in the engine’s  transmission cooling lines, from the Water pump which in turn leads to the thermostat  that cools the radiator from the upper and lower hose …  I know this because I am also a *MECHANIC*  … in other words.. we have a leak in the Banana in the tail pipe!  After my diagnosis, we all start to wonder what to do next… whilst all these huge trucks are whizzing past us… I have visions of us walking for miles to seek help, as I coming up with a rescue plan in my mind..  little did I know that our AMAZING guide Edward is already on it and 20 minutes later a huge SUV appears out of nowhere to save the day!  .. Well to save all of us except poor Henry, who visibly upset, has to stay with the Handy-Dandy bus for about 5 hours and wait for the Tow truck to take him back to San Jose… with only a bottle of water to keep him hydrated! We pile into the SUV luggage et all and leave poor Henry behind… we were all so sad to leave him, but the SHOW MUST GO ON! It was like losing a kidney…  Ok well maybe not a kidney… but you know what I mean.

IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923EDWARD & HENRY!!!

Finally we arrive in Herradura, Playa Hermosa  and tuck into a local delicacy… Deep Fried Red Snapper!!! YUM… at around 3pm our boat pick up arrives, we have now become professionals at this, luggage into wet bags, all on the boat – Edward tells us the trip will take around 45 minutes… 2 HOURS LATER!!!!!! For Heaven’s sake… and a very rough ride later we arrive to Montezuma, a seaside town in Santa Teresa… where another 4W car is waiting to take us to Flor Blanca Resort… a 45 minute car ride.


One thing to note to all you Worldly travelers… When exploring Costa Rica is  pack LIGHT.. your clothes are permanently damp too, all you need is a good pair of hiking boots, flip flops, bathing suite, Indiana Jones gear with rain jacket (patagonia do a great light weight one) shorts, T-shirts, comfy loungy chill out clothes, long sleeved light shirt to protect from bugs in the evenings, sun screen and BUG SPRAY!!.. and a small bottle of washing detergent.. 🙂  I naturally had an enormous suitcase that weighed over 70lbs!! don’t even ask me what was in it!! I am the WORST packer on the planet!!! … Not any more!!

Another good thing to bring is Zip Lock  bags to protect your camera etc… water resistant Back-Pack and a WATER BOTTLE!

Santa Teresa, as mentioned earlier is truly a surfer’s paradise. There is really a diverse community here of all  ethnic backgrounds, Germans, Italians, French, Israelis, Canadians, Americans, Argentinians  and Brit’ts, what’s interesting is that it’s all equal numbers…  The Forest changes once again. There is a lot of Farmland with Cows & Horses, again everyone lives in this eco-biodegradable state of mind no matter what.

We arrive to Flor Blanca. This beautiful property is right on the beach and has 13 stand-alone villas, (1 to 3 bedrooms) beautiful Spa, Gym and open air restaurant. Sadly the service was really not up to par, which was not what you would expect from such a gorgeous property. Los  girls are in Villa 10, and I was very kindly given the Master Bedroom (thank you Karen & Adriannita!)

The Villas are GOR-GEOUS – with large open living rooms, and huge outdoor bathrooms with Al-Fresco Shower and Big tub.. the for the first time – AIR CONDITIONING.. .which I have to admit, I kinda like the whole ceiling fan, au natural… but thats just me!

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0977

The property was over run by these small red crabs that come down from the mountains just before the rain season begins, so they basically are the first signs of Rain … much like the red Robin is the first sign of Spring… another one of Mother Nature’s magical touches!!


That night we had dinner all together and I was captivated by this one guest and his hair. I couldn’t figure out what to call it?? It was a cross between a REALLY bad Mullet with dreadlocks and a #4 haircut!

IMG_0978 IMG_0980

I laughed myself to sleep … quite literally

Tomorrow galloping on the wide open beaches…

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