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Monkey Do… Monkey Don’t… DAY EIGHT!!!

photo 2Just another day in the office.. From the deep blue sea to the Forest Green.. Onward we go!

Day 8

Maes, Ticos Y Ticas,

Yet another early morning start, it’s a beautiful day… NO RAIN!!!  today we are off for a spot of snorkeling and reef action on Cano Island.


AT LAST!!! Our trusted captain Oscar is ready & waiting in our boat and our Forest/River/Ocean guide Yacob, ready to WOW us with his knowledge of everything Ocean. I didn’t find Nemo, but I did see the following characters as I uncovered this stunning under-water kingdom…

Yellowtail-Damselfish-J-22JGiant Damselfish

PanamicSargentMajorPanamic Sergeant Major

Thalassoma lucasanum, Cortez rainbow wrasse, Initial phase, Sea of Cortez IMG_5318Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

Bicolor_parrotfishBi-color Rainbow Fish


puffer-fish-wallpaperAFTER…   Golden Phase (Blow Fish or Puffer Fish!!!)  clearly MY favorite!!!

Moorish_idolMoorish Idol

Barber fishBarberfish

Holacanthus passer, King angelfish, Sea of Cortez-5062Cortez Angel Fish

Mermaid_Mysterious_World_2_by_jewles654MERMAIDS…. Wait WHAT??

come on!! everybody knows Mermaids don’t exist!!!! Well, YOU ARE WRONG! because I used to be one in a past life!

120See… Told you, I have the COMPLETE Merrrrrrrrrrrrmaid look!!!

the day would not have been complete without the magical Dolphin… makes me smile from the inside out, I do believe I shed a tear or two..

IMG_0714 IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_4383

After a wonderful morning of being one with the Ocean and lunch on the beach (in the rain…sigh!)  it’s back into my Indiana Jones attire and off we go for yet another hike (in the rain) through the lush vegetation of the Corcovado National Park. The Park stretches over 425km in the Oso Peninsula  and is considered as THE CROWN JEWEL of Costa Rica, National Geographic has called it “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity”. The amount of wildlife inhabiting this part of the country is astounding. from Harpy Eagles, to Jaguars, to Bull sharks, to Anteaters… the list is endless – not to mention my Monkey friends The White Faced Capuchin.

I have now become a professional digital photographer thanks to Oli, my Brother from another Mother,  he showed me how to push all the buttons… on the camera!!!  Who knew !!!

125 126 IMG_0880 IMG_0882 photo 1 photo 4

IMG_0875 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0902 IMG_0904 IMG_0905

Come late afternoon, I am ABSOLUTELY Exhausted… nothing that a Vodka on the Rocks can’t cure! Our Crew have now become very close and I know I shall miss them all… only a few more days together. There is something quite magical about a group of total strangers meeting and going on a magnificent journey together and ALL getting know you! Getting to know all about you! and ALL getting along!!

So with that said, my compadres are like… WHY haven’t you blogged about WHO we are??? Well, I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to, clearly I was wrong… so LADIES and GENTLEMEN, please let me introduce to you my *Compadres*

First and foremost my lovely roommate, Karen Chapman, an amazing travel *GURU* who works for Scott Dunn in London, when Karen smiles the whole world LIGHTS up!!…


Next up, My Brother from another Mother, Oli Ford from Last FrontiersThey specialize in Central & South America


And finally, the wonderful and debonair Rob Joling, from Executive VIP Travel out of the Netherlands.



Need I also remind you that THEY ARE the competition too!!! hehehehehe!

After a lovely dinner it’s time for LIGHTS OUT!! We are open early in the morrow to yet another destination… Santa Teresa, Puntarenas,  the Surfers Paradise… its going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive as we head up the coast.

With sound to the Rain and our nocturnal visitors I drift off into a peaceful sleep… YEAH.. RIGHT!! pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!

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