Laugh About it, Shout About it.

Sunrise… Sunset… DAY SEVEN!

086To the Corcovado  National Park  where the Forest meets the Ocean… onward we go

Day 7

Maes, Ticos Y Ticas…

As we say our farewell’s to our new found family at Kura, we continue our journey South towards Drake’s Bay.  On route we will be stopping off for breakfast at Hacienda de Las Delicias, in Ciudad Cortes. Las Delicias is a private home that was built on a Banana Plantation over 15 years ago , this charming 6 bedroom Hacienda is owned by an Italian family and  was built from the ground up and maintains a very authentic Costa Rican style of design.   The Family rent the property out all year long.

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After a DEEEELICIOUS breakfast its back on the bus for about 2hrs45 minutes to Sierpe,  (in the Rain) a lovely little village right on the River Sierpe, we unload our Handy Dandy bus and pile all our stuff onto a boat and head off for the Pacific Ocean… our destination:- Casa Corcovado, where the Tropical Rain forest meets the Ocean.  We are accompanied by yet another Guide-of-Everything, his name is Jacob, pronounced*YACOB*  (verdad!!) and a tall, well not THAT tall, dark, handsome Captain *OSCAR*… I felt VERY safe!

028CAPTAIN… Ooooooooooooooooooscar

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The River Sierpe is home to the largest Mangrove forest in Costa Rica , over 22000 Hectares, this web of trees is not only the home of hundreds of species but it also creates a barriers against any oncoming Tsunamis. Once again, Mother Nature working her magic.   We finally reach the Delta and the Pacific Ocean is straight ahead… My first River to Ocean experience… waves are about 3 to 5 meters high as we go from the calming waters of the River Sierpe to the wild and endless Ocean of  the Pacific.  The journey from Sierpe to Drake’s Bay takes around…. Yup you got it! 2 hours!!!! We finally arrive to a beautiful stretch of beach where the Corcovado National Forest begins. In 1579 Sir Frances Drake, an English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician of the Elizabethan era landed in this Bay, which is approximately 8 miles long, and replenished his ship with food & water during his circumnavigation of the world by sea , yes that’s right I am also a *HISTORIAN* This location is ideal for those wanting both hiking, nature and some beach action…; sadly one really can’t swim as the currents are very strong, but you can find some nice little pockets of pools to cool off in. There are some sweet , rustic hotels in the area, Las Palomas and Copa de Arbol are 2 of the nicest.

Our Hotel, Casa Corcovado is located in the Osa Peninsula and our Captain Oscar, who clearly was born in the ocean, docks the boat on the beach with such ease, maneuvering the boat around all these rocks as the waves are crashing down around us, I was pretty impressed and also VERY relieved to finally be on dry land.  We are met by a tractor trailer that takes us up a very narrow windy steep path to leads us to the hotel  This property can only be described as rustic chic with a little dab of elegance. Owned by a Chicagoan, the property was bought over 18 years ago and he built his home. After about 2 or 3 years he decided to add additional Casitas, he called for a financial advisor * cue* Gieovanny, the now GM, who fell in love with the land and eventually turned the property into a hotel, they have 14 Casitas most have 4 beds in them, so ideal for families or large groups. They have sunset cocktails every night at the Margarita Bar and then dinner is served in the main dining room… I really was not overly impressed by the food to be honest, being the foodie that I am and a *MASTER CHEF* of course… The property is 90% self-sustainable with over 62 solar panels. There is also an additional 20 Casitas, Gym and store for the all the staff, each member of staff works for 28 days and then has 3 or 4 days off. The property closes in September/October for refurbishing and it was finally completed 5 years ago

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Karen and I were back to rooming together and that night there was the biggest thunderstorm I have ever witnessed, the entire sky lit up as the thunder & lightning and torrential downpour went on for hours and hours, … PHEW!!! Once again, my (AHEM!!) sleep apnea (if indeed I do ACTUALLY have this so-called sleep disorder) would be drowned out by the evening’s weather performance…

Tomorrow… I am one with the Fishies in the Ocean.

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